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Blackboard training & faculty mentor support.

Getting Started: Teaching With Blackboard 9.1
Good learning and success for students begins with great teaching.  Distance Education wants to do everything possible to ensure your online teaching experience is the best it can be.  That starts with training on the use of RCCD’s Learning Management System for all online-based learning, Blackboard (Bb) 9.1.  Faculty who are new to online-based teaching must complete the Bb Academy.  The Academy consists of practical and essential information to get you started in the online environment.  For RCCD faculty, this is an opportunity to not only learn the new tools and features for online instruction, but also to be updated on the latest distance education State and Federal regulations.
Please note: Blackboard training is for full-time or associate instructors only.
To reserve your spot, please fill out the Online Blackboard Academy enrollment form.
Please do not sign up unless you are sure you can participate and complete your training.

If you are offering a web-enhanced course and do not plan on using Blackboard through Open Campus, you do not have to attend the Online Blackboard Academy. For instance, if you only wish to post a syllabus online you can contact Mark Knight for assistance with setting up an academic web site.

Distance Education Blackboard training & support for faculty:
Vincent Alonzo (vincent.alonzo@rccd.edu)
Derek Moore (derek.moore@rccd.edu)

Summer 2017 Distance Education Training & Workshops:

June 20, 1:00 PM: "Blackboard and Canvas- Basic Comparison of Tools" - CAADO 209
June 28, 11:00 AM: "Assignments in Bb& Canvas " - CAADO 209

July 7, 12:00 PM: "Learning Modules in Bb& Canvas " - CAADO 209
July 10, 10:30 AM: "Grade Center in Bb& Canvas " - CAADO 209
July 19, 1:00 PM: "Discussion Board in Bb& Canvas " - CAADO 209
July 25, 11:00 AM "Test& Quizzes in Bb& Canvas " - CAADO 209

Please note: these sessions will be offered face-to-face at the locations listed and can be attended "live" through the internet via mobile device or computer using RCCD’s Adobe Connect.

For more information or to request Bb Training / Bb Workshop contact Distance Education at http://www.opencampus.com/faculty/forms/faculty_forms_faculty_assistance.html.

You can also contact a mentor to assist via email:
Anya-Kristina Marquis - Moreno Valley(anya-kristina.marquis@mvc.edu)
Jose Duran - Moreno Valley (jose.duran@mvc.edu)
Cathy Brotherton - Norco (cathy.brotherton@norcocollege.edu)
Dorothy Gaylor – Riverside (dorothy.gaylor@rcc.edu)

Oliver Thompson – Riverside (oliver.thompson@rcc.edu)

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