OPT-IN for Web Enhanced instructors that would like to use Blackboard

For 12 Summer and beyond

With recent growth of web-enhanced offerings and limited "seats" on Blackboard server, we can no longer afford to create course shells that – as is the case with many web-enhanced courses – aren't used.

This new web-enhanced "opt in" procedure will enable Distance Education to create Blackboard course shells only for those web-enhanced instructors wanting to use Learn 9.1 since it is strictly optional for web-enhanced courses. For online and hybrid courses, Learn 9.1 is already the default setting in Datatel.

In coordination with Information Services, Distance Education will make more cost effective use of the limited "seats" paid for on the Blackboard server by having web-enhanced instructors that want to use Blackboard Learn 9.1 "opt in" via WebAdvisor faculty page:

  1. Go to WebAdvisor faculty page
  2. Click on "Open Campus Course Planning Sheet"
  3. Select the term
  4. Select the course
  5. Click on "Services" block

  6. Insert "BLK – Blackboard" in "Services" block
  7. Click "Submit"
  8. For future terms, we encourage all web-enhanced instructors to advise their IDS if they want to use Bb Learn 9.1 before department course uploads into Datatel occur

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