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Q: How does the District handle student and instructor privacy?
A: The District takes student and instructor privacy seriously. When you register for an Distance Education course, the District provides students and faculty with a secure log in and password. This password is issued to and is intended for the student who has enrolled in the Distance Education course section. The password and log in are required each time the student and faculty member logs into their Distance Education course section(s). At that time, the student will affirm that he/she is the individual signing in and completing the work for his/her online courses. Additionally, some Distance Education course sections may require proctored examinations. Finally, plagiarism detection software is used by faculty members to ensure academic honesty.

Q: When Can I login to my class in Blackboard?
A: Different classes have different start dates. You will not be able to access your course until 12:01 AM of the scheduled start date. Check your receipt, the class schedule, or WebAdvisor to verify your class start date.

Q: I just registered or added a class in Blackboard, why can't I access?
A: If you have recently added a course, you will be uploaded into Bb within one business day before you will be able to log into that course. Please note that if the add occurs at the end of the regular business week (Mon-Fri) AND near the end of our business day, the earliest that you will be added is the following Monday.

Q: I'm having trouble with Blackboard, how can I get help?
A: Blackboard tutorials are available at Blackboard On-demand. Blackboard help documentation is available online at Blackboard help. You can also get online support for Blackboard via chat & email at the Online Learning Support Center. Be sure your browser & system have met the requirements listed at the browser and system requirements page.
You can also view help, tutorials and other inform
ation in the sample class.
The sample class content is designed to assist you. Visit the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Sample Class.
If you are a new student at RCCD using Blackboard, your default Password is student.
If are a returning student at RCCD using Blackboard,your Password has not changed.
24 hour support, 7 days a week is available at Blackboard Student Support's toll free number: 1-866-259-7271
For non-technical issues, or issues regarding content in your class, please contact your instructor.

Q: I've registered for classes at RCCD using their online registration and I want to take online classes. What's the first thing I should do?
A: If you have met with a counselor and have a suggested list of courses to take, make sure that one of those are going to be taught online.  Decide which one to take, then find out if there is room to be enrolled and if not, get on the waitlist to see if you will be added at a later time.  You can always try to add the class after the first day of the term.  Any student services technician can help you with that.

Q: I've noticed that there are different types of online classes.  I've seen WE or HYB along with OL.  What does that all mean?
A: These are the different methods or modes that we have to designate how different classes are taught here at RCCD.  WE stands for 'Web Enhanced,' these are face-to-face classes that may use some type of Internet enhancement along with the regular lecture class.  HYB stands for 'Hybrid,' and these classes blend face-to-face class time with an online delivered component.  The class time is split between class sessions on campus and class conducted through the Internet, and using a specific LMS in which we are using Blackboard Learn 9.1, which will be held over the internet online.  Last we have OL, which stands for 'Online,' and these classes are set to have all class teaching time on Blackboard. You may see other codes that look like them, but they break down into those three modes.

Q: The classes that I want to take have all of those modes, but when I select the class that is 'OL' it tells me I have to take the 'Online Skills Workshop.'  What is that, and why do I need to take it?
A: The 'Online Skills Workshop' is a simple tool that we use to make sure that you will know the very basics of taking an 'online based' class here at RCCD.  It also contains a simple questionnaire that will help you determine whether you really want to take classes that are given fully online. Once taken, you don't have go through it again.

Q: I've taken the "Online Skills Workshop" and I know what I need to do take an online class.  I was able to enroll into a couple of online classes.   What should I do to prepare for my new online classes?
A: That’s great that you got the classes you wanted!  First, I suggest that you go to the "Blackboard Learn 9.1 Sample Class' You'll find it at . This class is set up in our current LMS to familiarize you with the look and feel of taking an actual class.  The items on the left will direct you different parts of the class or link you to areas of interest that pertain to the content of the class.  I would use this as a reference point to get help or assistance with portions of your class that you may be having problems with.  You’ll also find this information at Next, I strongly suggest you go through the top link on that main page called ‘Bb On Demand Tutorials for Students.’  You will find short tutorials on how to take tests, check your grades, post discussions or blogs, and even how to change your password.

Q: My instructor gave me an access code.  When can I use it?
A: Access codes do not become active until the first scheduled day of the class. At that time, the access code can be used in WebAdvisor to add the class. There will be a slight delay before you are able to login to Blackboard and your newly-added class. It will take at least 1 business day. If after a day you are still unable to login, contact your instructor.

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