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Riverside Community College District

Riverside Community College District

Riverside Community College District is dedicated to the success of our students and to the development of the
communities we serve. To advance this mission, our colleges and learning centers provide educational and student services
to meet the needs and expectations of their unique communities of learners. To support this mission, District Offices
provide our colleges with central services and leadership in the areas of advocacy, resource development, and planning.
Riverside Community College District Website

Moreno Valley College

Responsive to the educational needs of its region, Moreno Valley College offers academic programs and student support services which include baccalaureate transfer, professional, pre-professional, and pre-collegiate curricula for all who can benefit from them.
Life-long learning opportunities are provided, especially, in health and public service preparation

Moreno Valley College website

Riverside City College

Riverside City College provides a high-quality affordable education to a diverse community of learners by offering career-technical, transferable, and pre-college courses leading to certificates, associate degrees, and transfer.
Based on a learner-centered philosophy, the College fosters critical thinking, develops information and communication skills, expands the breadth and application of knowledge, and promotes community and global awareness.
To help students achieve their goals, the College offers comprehensive learning and student support services, student activities, and community programs. RCC empowers and supports students as they work toward individual achievement, intellectual curiosity, and life-long learning.

Riverside City College website

Norco College

Norco College serves our students, our community, and its workforce by providing educational opportunities, celebrating diversity, and promoting collaboration.
We encourage an inclusive, innovative approach to learning and the creative application of emerging technologies.
We provide foundational skills and pathways to transfer, career and technical education, certificates and degrees.

Norco College website